Love the Moment.
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From the days of Playhouse 90 in the 50's to the BBC filmed play productions in the 80's, the thrilling immediacy of theater has found its way to viewers who can't always make it out to see a production. Out of this process emerged a unique blend of theater's vitality and cinema's romance.

We are revitalizing this kind of experience uniquely for the way we watch now. Bringing something new to streaming by tapping into the spirit of the past.

But more than that, we share with you the process of making. We chart the journey a character takes from the whisper in a writer's mind to the flesh and blood human being experiencing a moment before your eyes. The tech and technique by which we all share our imagination with the rest of the world.

We hope to inspire as much as we entertain.


Cameron Bossert, Stacey Linnartz, and Jeremy Rishe