A Venomous Color - Burbank

A Venomous Color - Burbank

9 Episodes

To fight against the unionization of his studio, Walt Disney must enlist the help of his least favorite employee, Art Babbitt, the genius animator who created Goofy.

Richard Saudek as Art Babbitt
Cameron Darwin Bossert as Walt Disney
Ginger Kearns as Lillian Disney
Allen Lewis Rickman as Gunther Lessing
and Sivan Gordon-Buxbaum as Frances Hiller

Written and Directed by Cameron Darwin Bossert
Set design by Yu-Hsuan Chen (used with permission of Dutch Kills Theater)
Costumes by Yolanda Balaña (with Nicole Blaine)
Camerawork by Patrick Schechter and Ian Havens
Lighting, editing, and original score by Cameron Darwin Bossert

A Venomous Color - Burbank
  • 1. Prologue - 1935

    Episode 1

    Walt Disney confronts an animator on nude drawing classes he's holding.

  • 2. The Memo

    Episode 2

    While recording Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney receives a memo about his animators unionizing.

  • 3. The House Call

    Episode 3

    Walt and his wife Lillian are trying to celebrate his birthday but the Disney Studio lawyer needs to talk business as the animators are threatening to unionize.

  • 4. The Ask

    Episode 4

    Walt Disney calls Art Babbitt into his office to discuss fighting off threats of unionization. But Art is unwilling.

  • 5. Two Bucks

    Episode 5

    Art meets a troubled worker on the studio lawn.

  • 6. Letter from the Bank

    Episode 6

    Walt gives a speech in the projection room to unhappy employees.

  • 7. The Scab

    Episode 7

    The strike begins, and Art has to pause his speech when he sees Frances going to work.

  • 8. How to Draw Donald

    Episode 8

    Walt Disney finds a way to deal with the loss of half his animation staff.

  • 9. How to Draw Mickey

    Episode 9

    The finale of BURBANK.