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"One of the best experiences [in streaming theater]" - Reviews Off Broadway

In the tradition of the great television plays of the 50s and 60s, new plays are written directly for streaming and presented in a unique way, with multiple cameras capturing full performances.

Stream "The Female Genius," now and see the live production when it happens with extra scenes not included in the series.

Thirdwing Backstage

In the Rehearsal Room, get inspired with our light-hearted documentary series, "Vision Board," and see on our process from the first idea of a character to costumes and blocking.

In-depth masterclass interviews with theater greats about how they do their work, on our series "Shop Talk," season one featuring John Turturro on getting into character and Danny Burstein on making moments work.

Live Productions

Because of COVID-19 our first live production has been postponed.

"The Female Genius" will open at The Wild Project with extra scenes. Sign up now, and your ticket when we return is taken care of.

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Thirdwing Audio Blackbox

Original audio plays and adaptations of our stories.

Frame 25 - Film at Thirdwing

Frame 25 presents films that borrow or are adapted from theater in unique and cinematic ways.

Side-by-side analysis explores the process and the virtues of both mediums.

Theatre for One (or Two)

Our streaming teleplays are designed to be enjoyed at home, bringing the vitality of theatrical performances as close to you as possible.

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  • The Nude Model

    1 video

    Charlotte Bydwell plays many parts in this one-woman film, based on her true life experience posing for male artists.

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