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Partnering with The Wild Project NYC

Buy yearly access and half your subscription will go to support The Wild Project, the independent NY theater we were scheduled to open at in April. We will be releasing new episodes each night "The Female Genius" was scheduled to perform, starting April 14th.

And you can come see the show live when we reschedule!


In the tradition of the great television plays of the 50s and 60s, new plays are written directly for streaming and presented in a unique way, with multiple cameras capturing full performances.

This spring, watch "The Female Genius," live in New York, with episodes rolling out until the show closes.

Rehearsal Room

In the Rehearsal Room, get inspired with our light-hearted documentary series, "Vision Board," and see on our process from the first idea of a character to costumes and blocking. Go behind the scenes of our hybrid streaming + live productions, "The Female Genius," "The Fairest," and "The United Nations."

In-depth masterclass interviews with theater greats about how they do their work, on our series "Shop Talk," season one featuring John Turturro on getting into character and Danny Burstein on making moments work.

Live Productions

In light of COVID-19 our first live production has been indefinitely postponed.

"The Female Genius" full show was set to open at The Wild Project on April 14th. Sign up now, and see the play as we upload a new episode every night we would have been onstage.

Or hit the link to support the Wild Project directly.

Theatre without FOMO

Love theatre? Not in love with crowds? Thirdwing makes it easier to get out to see a play, but also lets you stay in and enjoy from your couch, or, let's face it, your bed.

Theatrical experiences tailored to an audience of one or two.

Available on multiple devices. See all 

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