• The Female Genius

    1 season

    A journey through the history of great women writers.

    Emily Dickinson verbally abuses her caring sister for misinterpreting "her shit," Mary Shelley procrastinates on writing Frankenstein by trying to seduce Lord Byron, JK Rowling can't pay the babysitter, Ayn Rand encourages a young acolyte to ...

  • Coming in July: The United Nations

    0 seasons

    A pessimist and an optimist struggle to stay friends while trying to accomplish things in the quagmire of the UN.

    Watch us develop this project on "Vision Board," in the Rehearsal Room.

  • Coming Soon: The Fairest

    0 seasons

    A Great Depression-era drama about the women-only ink & paint department, known as The Nunnery, rushing to finish Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with very little time, very little pay, and no air conditioning. A talented young painter begins to have strange thoughts about herself after painting ...