Teleplay Series

Teleplay Series

In the tradition of plays for TV, for the binging era.

Teleplay Series
  • BURBANK extra: The House Call

    Walt's just been told the studio is under threat of unionization. His lawyer pays a house call to warn him and his wife of the dangers he faces, and to suggest a solution.

  • The Fairest

    1 season

    In Thirdwing’s sit-dram that’s a cross between The Golden Girls and Black Swan, the overworked women painting Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs can’t seem to make meaningful friendships with each other.

    Written and directed by Cameron Darwin Bossert

    Sivan Gordon-Buxbaum as Frances

  • United Nations: The Border and the Coast

    1 season

    "Enthralling! Darkly satirical." -Thinking Theater "Fantastic! A wonderful script… it is a play that stays with you." -Reviews Off Broadway

    Shady behind-closed-doors agreements. Misinterpreted speeches. Ruined career paths. Watch the TV adaptation of the critically-acclaimed play about frustrat...

  • The Female Genius - play series

    1 season


    The full-length version of "The Disciple," featuring Ayn Rand, was performed live on stage at The Wild Project, NYC, in July 2021.

    Emily Dickinson verbally abuses her caring sister for misinterpreting "her shit," Mary Shelley pr...

  • The Disciple - Ayn Rand's Guide to Love and Relationships

    1 season

    Performed July 20-25th at the Wild Project, NYC. Traumatic memories of his affair with Ayn Rand haunt Dr. Branden's lecture on self-esteem.

  • The United Nations: Minisodes

    1 season

    Delegates and others try to accomplish things in the quagmire of the UN.