• Wild Project Presents: East Village Queer Film Festival


  • Featured Free this week

    4 videos

    Keeping theater alive! Dive in to see a range of what Thirdwing has to offer.

  • The Nude Model
    Movie + 2 extras

    The Nude Model

    Movie + 2 extras

    Final week! Ends June 1st. Actress and creator Charlotte Bydwell adapts her one woman show for the screen, presented side by side with the theatrical performance.

    A peaceful morning of art-making turns into a highly inappropriate roundtable discussion as three male artists let their mouths run a...

  • The Female Genius - Audioplay

    3 videos

    "The Female Genius," redesigned for listening. (iOS users: press play, close the app, and continue to listen).

  • Shop Talk
    1 season

    Shop Talk

    1 season

    How do you use your voice to get into character? How do you direct without telling people what to do?
    We cut to the chase in these masterclass interviews with renowned theater artists.

  • The Female Genius

    1 season

    A journey through the history of great women writers.

    Emily Dickinson verbally abuses her caring sister for misinterpreting "her shit," Mary Shelley procrastinates on writing Frankenstein by trying to seduce Lord Byron, JK Rowling can't pay the babysitter, Ayn Rand encourages a young acolyte to ...

  • Vision Board
    1 season

    Vision Board

    1 season

    The magic is in the making.

    See how we develop our productions, from character and story, to design and rehearsal. There's always something new to learn. Learn with us, and get inspired!

  • Coming in July: The United Nations

    0 seasons

    A pessimist and an optimist struggle to stay friends while trying to accomplish things in the quagmire of the UN.

    Watch us develop this project on "Vision Board," in the Rehearsal Room.