Flight Risk - Film at Thirdwing

The cinematic side of theater.

  • Maladjusted

    In this comedy pilot, two insurance claim adjusters find themselves at the same house, with a homeowner who's made a terrible mistake and a hurricane is on the way.

    With James Ferrari, Wesli Spencer, and Aprella Godfrey Barule
    Written and directed by Cameron Darwin Bossert
    A Flight/Risk Producti...

  • United Nations: Tribes

    1 season

    Vignettes about the days in the lives of UN delegates and personnel.

    Aria Martinelli
    Cristina Spina
    Giorgia Valenti
    Matthew Sanders
    and Nathalie Schmidt

    Created by Cameron Darwin Bossert

  • JEWTAH - feature film


    Beat up by the Mormon kids when he was a boy, Pincus has shut himself inside his grandmother’s basement for 13 years. When she’s forced to sell the house, he has a nervous breakdown. Will he find a way to keep his home? A visitor from beyond may have the answer…

  • The Nude Model: Side-by-Side


    Thirdwing presents a side-by-side mashup of the forms of theatre and film. Actress and creator Charlotte Bydwell presents her true story in two mediums. We explore how different moments appear in both.

    The film itself is available for rental on the Thirdwing main page (desktop only).